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See individual descriptions below. (Specials apply to Website/email orders only).

If you wish to have a closer look at any of the items below, please make your
request by email and a larger picture will be sent to you.



Most of my formal and bridal jewellery is custom order.

Below are some of the styles I have created in the past and which are available upon
request. Of course, I am open to suggestion if you have some other style(s) in mind!

Please provide ample notice, as supplies may have to be ordered for your choice.
Prices will depend on cost of supplies and type of materials used
(e.g., sterling silver vs. silver plate, etc.).

Page 2 shows styles currently for sale.


pearls wedding day bridal

Style Price Special Description
Freshwater Pearls Single Strand $35.00 and up - Single strand of ivory or white freshwater pearls drilled end-to-end. Sterling silver clasp and chain back extender. 16" to 22" length.
Double Illusion Pearls $32.00 and up - Double-strand illusion necklace of gold or silver Tiger Tail with 5x6mm ivory and/or white and/or coloured freshwater pearls, with small gold or silver beads. Gold or silver plate clasp. Comes with matching earrings on gold or silver plate wires.
Long Single Strand Pearls $75.00 and up - 48" single strand of 6x8mm end-to-end drilled ivory or white freshwater pearls. Silver plate lobster claw clasp. Can be worn tripled (as shown) or double.
(Specials apply to Website/email orders only).

crystal pearls illusion

Style Price Special Description
Y Necklace $22.00 and up - Y necklace of fine silver (sterling or plated) chain with intermittent rounds (your choice) and 2" front extension. Matching earrings.
Pearl Drops $25.00 and up - Fine silver (sterling or silver plate) chain with intermittent wire-wrapped 8mm ivory, white or blush pearls (glass or freshwater). Matching earrings.
Single Illusion Pearls $22.00 and up - Illusion necklace of dark silver 6mm faux pearls. Matching earrings. Pearls can be any colour, faux, freshwater or glass.
(Specials apply to Website/email orders only).

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