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lashed leather leather bracelets riverstone

**** Lashed Leather Bracelets ****

I use a variety of materials in the lashed leather bracelets -
various gemstones, pearls, glass, and wood.

The wider bracelets are all made with various gemstone tubes. They are $25.00.
The narrower ones are $15.00 each. I also make some styles in junior size ($12.00).


Selected Lashed Leather Bracelets

braided bracelet carnelian bracelet riverstone leather bracelet

braided bracelet braided leather carnelian bracelet leather bracelet


Murano Murano 'Pandi' Bracelets Pandora Pandora

My 'Pandi' bracelets are silver plate, leather or rubber and are strung with silver-plate-lined
Murano glass Pandora-style beads, with silver plate or pewter beads.

Prices range from $25 to $39.

Unique designs and an economical alternative to the Pandora line!


Selected 'Pandi' Bracelets

Pandi bracelet Murano bracelet Murano silver plate bracelet

bracelet leather pewter beads leather bracelet


Bracelet Tree

Metcalfe Farmers Market Christmas Shopping Extravaganza Craft Show

I always have a wide selection of bracelets on my 'Bracelet Tree' at the Market and my shows,
many of them of the stretchy type and almost always one-of-a-kind, starting at $10.00.


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